Sky Hotshot’s Aircraft


Flight time: 15 minutes

Takeoff weight: 6Kg-11Kg

We come fully prepared to your shoot with multiple pre-charged batteries and portable charging station for full day projects.


Your footage matters most. So when our aircraft(s) are flying at high-speed, our camera platforms can adapt to there environment and stabilise, remaining unaffected during strong wind speeds. We can control the direction of the camera and can precisely pan, pitch and roll 360 degrees at all angles whilst framing stills or motion picture/video.  This is assisted by using our extreme steady gyro axis stabiliser; which is the ultimate platform for professional filming and photography.

Sky Hotshot’s Camera Technology

Evolutionary 3-AXIS Professional Gimbal

* Customised Camera Gimbal

* Multiple Control Modes

The gimbal is mounted low on the frame on a specially designed bracket. When combined with our retractable landing gear, it offers a clear and wide shooting angle.

Our gimbal range offers advanced camera stabilisation for smooth footage, precision tilt and position control from the ground, and video downlink compatibility so that person on the ground can see what the camera is seeing.

View & Control

Piloting with the Futaba 14SG (14-Channel Digital Proportional Radio Control System.) This is used to fly our (UAS) or drone.

2.4 GHz Telemetry System. Mounted our pilot transmitter is a 7inch LCD MONITOR

New and recently been updated model with internal Lipo, HDMI Input and also ability to zoom on screen. This monitor is the ultimate solution to FPV (First Person View) flying as it can receive any channel on the band. We have made amendments so we can obtain much longer life to the screen making sure we capture as much footage as possible for our clients.

The Camera Operator controls the gimbal using the Spektrum DX9 (The Next Generation 9-Channel) this is to take full control and movement of the gimbal, which holds the camera in situ or in motion when inflight and being able to track or focal point on the subject matter.

Mounted on the transmitter is our very clear and large 12inch mobile monitor. This comes in handy when our clients can position themselves side by side to our camera operator, communicating effectively on capturing the shot at that very moment in live time on the big 12inch FPV Monitor Screen. We’ve specifically designed and created so the team are able to walk around with it completely supported to the shoulder and back harness, allowing us to have full movement and getting closer to the footage without the hassle of picking up the tripod whilst inflight, hence why we call it our mobile station. Not to mention we do have FPV Goggles for our client’s too (the ultimate cock-pit view) from recording camera inflight.

Sky Hotshot’s Fat Shark Goggles

The FatShark Dominator HD allows our clients to watch real-time footage of their aerial filming and aerial photography project on site.  As a result clients can be fully involved in the project and provide instant feedback to the Sky Hotshots crew.  This is a unique feature offered to clients and have has received a fantastic response.