We are more than happy to answer any questions you have, we understand you may have specific requirements for aerial film or aerial photography projects.

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Can Sky Hotshots fly in the rain?

Yes, depending on how heavy the rain is. Sky Hotshots have a range of systems that are designed specifically for aerial filming and aerial photography in the rain and over large areas of water.

Can Sky Hotshots fly in any wind conditions?

To maintain both safety and production quality during aerial filming and aerial photography projects Sky Hotshots will fly in winds up to 17 knots.

Can Sky Hotshots rent out equipment?

The Sky Hotshots team are fully qualified pilots and film technicians who provide a complete service including aerial filming and aerial photography, including the post production services.

How long can Sky Hotshots fly for?

A single Sky Hotshots flight last approximately 5-10 minutes. Sky Hotshots manage a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Systems, this allows Sky Hotshots to shoot aerial film and aerial photography on site for most of the day.

How safe is aerial photography?

Sky Hotshots provide a methodical and structured planning process prior to any aerial filming and aerial photography we carry out, ensuring safety and quality of our work. We will advise and work with you to make the most of the experience.

Is it safe to fly over people and crowded areas?

Aerial filming and aerial photography regulations mean that we cannot fly directly over people or crowds but we can usually design a flight path that will achieve the desired results.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, providing that the interior ceiling area is clear enough for aerial filming and aerial photography and enough height allowance to allow for safe operation.

Can we use our own cameras on Sky Hotshots equipment?

Unfortunately not. All Sky Hotshots aerial equipment is designed and certified for aerial filming and aerial photography and is covered by our insurance policies.

Can we watch a live video feed from the ground?

Yes. Sky Hotshots have a large wireless video ground station monitor that provides a live feed from the Unmanned Aerial System.  This allows you to watch and comment on aerial filming and aerial photography projects in real-time.

Is it possible to operate the camera from the ground?

Yes. We can control most primary funtions during aerial filming and aerial photography projects to achieve the results you require.

What are the maximum operating distances?

The Sky Hotshots Unmanned Aerial Systems must be in line-of-sight at all times during aerial filming and aerial photography projects, not exceeding 500 metres longitudinally and 120 metres altitude. Sky Hotshots can extend this range if required by requesting CAA permission.