Safety is at the forefront of everything we do here at Sky Hotshots; The constant and diligent mitigation of any flight risks, and acts potential harmful to others or damage to property, is firmly set within our operations. Our initial task is to consider all actions before, during, and after flights, as per our Health and Safety Policies and approved Sky Hotshots Productions Limited Operations Manual. These documents adhere to the rules and considerations set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

These considerations are found throughout all of our services and include (but not limited to); pre-flight planning, site survey, storyboarding, permissions, full insurance and public liability cover. Along with all necessary aircraft and equipment safety checks, to carefully guide clients through our flight operations and procedures.

Filming & Photography

We are able to “screen-grab’ your aerial filming footage turning moving film into high resolution photographic stills. This ideal, should you wish to use these images for online purposes. Sky Hotshots cameras shoot high resolution (4608 x 3456 pixels at 18MB RAW or jpg) 16MP and 12MP cameras for shooting with our lighter aircraft(s). With photos up to 50 frames per second.

Ground based Filming and Photography

Sky Hotshots Productions Limited also offers its clients a traditional means of ground based photography, to include filming services at different creative angles. This service combined with Sky Hotshots aerial imagery has greatly benefited many client’s projects.

We provide a live stream video downlink which allows the inflight footage from the aerial platform(s) to be seen from the ground. This enables our pilot, camera operative, and Client / Director / DOP to see what the camera is viewing in Real-time’. Adjusting accordingly the pan and tilt direction of the camera to keep the subject matter in shot perfectly. Our remote control gimbal system which holds the camera is currently the best on the market, providing you with the smoothest shots even when the winds are strong. All of our equipment is fully maintained, frequently monitored, checked and logged as respectively confining to the conditions placed on us as UK (UAS) Operators by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

We also provide (FPV) First Person View equipment for our clients, allowing our customers to experience through our mobile headset display, also visualising in live time, presenting you with a realtime capture of your project footage in motion whilst inflight. This gives our clients a “cockpit” feel and experience that helps the end result when capturing your footage and helping communications for the desired look.

Permission, Planning & Insurance

Sky Hotshots (UAS) Pilots are all certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and have a valid “CAA Permission for Aerial Work”. These permissions are set within a legal framework that define restrictions on certain types of UAS flights. Many of these restrictions can be lifted by obtaining special permissions (for example, night flights, flying in a restricted airspace and flying in congested areas, such as Central London’) Sky Hotshots can apply for any additional or special permissions’ if required.

All Sky Hotshots flights will require the landowners permission, with a flight brief given to those in attendance, for safety purposes. Before any UAS flight is made, Sky Hotshots will carry out a pre-site survey taking into account any risks and mitigating incidents. These include (but are not limited to) other aircrafts, persons, vehicles, vessels or structures, for the purpose of avoiding collisions whilst in flight.

 Sky Hotshots has full public liability cover and insurance. When requested by clients to conduct an aerial shoot in built-up areas, restricted air-space, and over a crowd of over a thousand people. We have needed to gain special permissions to obtain safe airspace operations. These permissions are date and time specific due to congested air traffic zones and considerations of other aircraft users.

We will endeavour to capture your footage on the dates and at the times that you desire. But these are all subject to weather conditions, permissions considered by the C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority) and other safe UAS flight considerations. Are passion is capturing ground and aerial footage and will be as eager to start filming your project as you as a client.


On most circumstances our RAW footage is given directly to the Client / Production Company. However, if you require fully edited video with music, a copy – we can happily provide how you see fit.


We can creatively guide you to obtain the best possible shots. Equally, we believe that open discussion is very important and therefore we encourage suggestions from you. We can talk you through the options and various angles of your shoot, whilst thinking creatively and keeping in mind certain key factors such as altitudes (heights), along with lighting (indoors or outdoors) foregrounds, backgrounds and the key subject matter. We find that clients are taken back by the creative possibilities and dimensions which elevated filming and photography demonstrates. Our (UAS) or (drone) can move in literally any direction (within reason) or angle. We love talking to our clients to ensure that we will capture the most exciting, dramatic and cutting edge shots as physically possible.

Creative Aerial Studios

Creative Aerial Studios (CAS) is a separate entity that works on behalf of film makers and photographers to enhance camera footage and imagery. The CAS Team has a wealth of experience using post production editing software, music composition, sound design, audio post-production and enhanced visual effect techniques.

We are a full service creative studio and video production company offering enhancements to a wide spectrum of digital content and multi-platform campaigns. Our experienced members are Apple Certified and Official Apple Training Partners, and have benefited greatly over the years working alongside other professionals of this huge global brand.

With the recent use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS’s) to capture elevated Film and Photography. CAS has been able to produce some truly breathtaking results for a whole new generation of photographers and film makers.

The CAS post production team are always eager to hear about your new exciting ideas, creative concepts and innovative projects. CAS enjoys working with clients from a multitude of disciplines including; Television, Advertisement, Marketing, Commercials, Business Communication, Digital Media, and Social and Viral Film.